The quality of water is one of the main reasons for failures in cultivation. Long standing researches and extensive experiments have come to the conclusion, that only a balanced composition of the water with different elements in the right variety and quantity is responsible.

The supplementary products Colour, Life, Ionic and Health from Nightsun Aquaristics offer you in every case the best possibility to compensate the lack of elements. With these products you can achieve higher growing, better resistance and a more natural and intensive colouring. The composition of our products includes measurements like strontium, magnesium, calcium and so on, which are mainly responsible for the structure of skeleton, the protection and the colouring. Our products include also a big amount of trace elements from antimony to zinc which helps to reach a better taking up of the supplying materials.

The combination of Colour, Life, Ionic and Health with a calcium reactor and a monthly charge of 20 30 % of the water will bring the best results. The regular and correct use of our products will provide you a fascinating riff. The healthy fishes and crustaceans in a natural environment will turn you into a satisfied costumer.

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